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is specialized in methods for enhancing efficiency - the optimal use of resources for a fast achievement of objectives - in organization and production.

For every project we select methods from the following fields:

  • Methods of systems engineering:

Optimizing and Aligning systems of objectives - Constraint analysis - Parameter analysis - System Dynamics - Creativity techniques - Methods of systems design and systems engineering - Classical methods of process and production engineering - Project management - etc.

  • Methods of profitability analysis:

Target costing - Feasibility - Sensitivity analysis - Worst case analysis - etc.

  • Methods of process optimization:

Optimization methods based on the systematic evaluation of available procss data - Optimization methods based on systematically generating telling new process data - Lean - Fault process matrix - etc.

  • Methods to control and sustain success:

Methods of permanent process control - Determining indicators and anticipating indicators - Alignement of indicators, reference numbers and company-wide objectives - Out of control action plans - Trainings - Audits - etc.

With the selection of the best methods we can guarantee the optimal course of a project, beginning with the definition of objectives, via situation analysis, finding potential solutions, and selecting the best one; And continuing with realization and optimization, to sustaining permanent success.


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