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The Cybernetics of Goal-orientated Systems


stands for achieving efficiency - realizing goals with minimal effort.

So, achieving efficiency is a goal-orientated activity. Actually that holds for most human activities: they are goal-orientated - no matter if we talk about individual carriers, realizing corporate objectives, or international development goals.

Yet, surprisingly a general theory of goal-orientated systems is still missing.

So, our research aims at exactly such a theory. Here we investigate the metalevel of questions of efficiency.

The theory of goal-orientated systems has two main aspects:

  • Foundational aspects concern questions of the nature of goal-values and processes of goal-setting; furthermore, questions of goal-orientated data processing and modeling, and particularly of the cybernetics of decisions; and finally, questions of the controller structures, which enable all that.
  • Applications deal with the importance of goal-orientated systems for the behavior and the interactions of individuals, organizations and social systems.




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