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Legal Information:



Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Helmut Nechansky, MBA

Consultant on Systems Engineering



Rotenmuehlgasse 14 / 16 Tel.: ++43 / (0) 1 / 817 58 63
A - 1120 Vienna Fax: On request
Austria Email: office@nechansky.co.at





Legal form:

Einzelunternehmer (Single entrepreneur according to Austrian law.)


VAT Registration number:

ATU 44 319 108 (Dr. Helmut Nechansky)


Certification as business consultant:

The certification was carried out in Austria by the following authority:

Magistratisches Bezirksamt für den 12. Bezirk in Wien


Schönbrunner Straße 259 Tel.: ++43 / (0) 1 / 4000 - 12 000
A - 1120 Vienna Email: post@mba12.wien.gv.at
Austria Homepage: www.gewerbe.wien.at




Responsible professional chamber:

Wirtschaftskammer Wien (Fachgruppe Wien Unternehmensberatung und Informationstechnologie / Sparte Information und Consulting)


Straße der Wiener Wirtschaft 1 Tel.: ++43 / (0) 1 / 514 50 - 3600
A - 1020 Vienna Email: ubit@wkw.at
Austria Homepage: www.ubit.at/wien




Main characteristics of our services:

We provide only client-specific services. General descriptions of the scope of these services are available at:



Honorary rules:

We provide client- and project specific offers for all our services. We carry out services on base of accepted offers only.

Honoraries are either calculated on base of documented working hours and stipulated hourly rates plus eventually stipulated surcharges; or they are stipulated as lump sum for precisely defined packages of services.


General conditions of contracts:

The 'General Part of the Honorary Rules of Civil Engineers' is an integral part of all our contracts; it can be downloaded here:

General Part of the Honorary Rules of Civil Engineers (German only)



In case of a defective service Austrian law provides a right of warranty according to § 932 and § 933 ABGB:

§ 932 ABGB (German only)

§ 933 ABGB (German only)


Data Privacy Policy:

We process personal data strictly according to European and Austrian law (GDPR; DSG 2018, TKG 2003). In the following we inform you about important aspects of the data processing in relation to our website.

Contact with us:

If you contact us per email, then a record of communication is kept for two years, to immediately deal with your concerns and to eventually enable any following up communication. Data processed in relation to contracts will be kept as long as legal commitments, like warranties, last, or any laws prescribing documentation require. We do not share this personal information with any third parties without your consent.

Your rights:

You have the right to know all your personal data, which we keep, and how we use them; you have also the right to ask us to rectify, complete or delete personal data, and to request limiting the processing of your personal data. And you have the right to obtain personal data, which we have processed, in a structured, usual and computer-readable form. For all that you may contact us at:

office@nechansky.co.at  (For the full address see the top of this page.)

In case you think that we would violate your rights in relation to your personal data you have the right to file a complaint to the responsible authority:

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde (Austrian Commission for the Protection of Privacy)


Barichgasse 40 - 42 Tel.: ++43 / (0) 1 / 52 1 52 - 0
A - 1030 Vienna Email: dsb@dsb.gv.at
Austria Homepage: www.dsb.gv.at



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